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Play Smart Workbook Series
What's the Play Smart's secret? Learning should be fun!
Each activity in this award-winning Play Smart workbook series has been developed and designed by a team of educators and child development experts. These carefully curated pages were created to cultivate children’s intellectual curiosity to learn, grow their love of learning, build their creative mind, and hone important skills. This proven unique fun-first method is focused on improving children's cognitive skills as well as non-cognitive skills and creative problem-solving skills that are critical for the journey of lifelong learning.
I Can Do That! Stickers

Playing with stickers books is a marvelous way for children to hone fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial relations while they play. With this best-selling I CAN DO THAT! STICKERS activity workbooks for children ages 2 to 5, your child will solve mazes, play matching and counting games, decorate pictures and more while entertaining for hours. This series can also teach children to practice skills like decision making, sort objects by shape and colors, build confidence, and much more! 


$9.99 (CAN $12.99)

③Sticker Hero.jpg
Baby Sees Series

Newborn babies as young as six weeks old will be mesmerized by the bold shapes and colors in BABY SEES COLORS! series.  This series makes a perfect gift for a new baby—parents, grandparents, and other caretakers will love the bonding experience of reading this lovely board book aloud to infants or one-year-olds. Written by popular children’s book author Akio Kashiwara, BABY SEES COLORS has simple, uplifting images and rhymes.

Babies soak in everything they hear, and eventually learn to associate particular sounds with familiar people and things. Over 300, 000 copies sold, Hundreds of thousands of parents have already discovered the power of these little books! 


Baby Sees Colors!

$9.99 (CAN $12.99)

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baby sees shapes circles cover.jpg

Baby Sees Shapes: Circles

$9.99 (CAN $13.99)

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