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baby sees shapes circles cover.jpg

Baby Sees Shapes: Circles

$9.99 (CAN $13.99)


  • Paperback, 24 pages

  • Full color with die-cut

  • 6.875 in W | 6.875 in H

  • ISBN : 978-4056210682

baby sees shapes circles back cover.png

Boing … Zoom  … Whoosh … Whee! Baby Sees Shapes Circles is the newest fun-filled addition to the best-selling Baby Sees series— a joy-filled introduction to colors, shapes, and language. Filled with bold, captivating illustrations and whimsical text, Baby Sees Shapes Circles is a read-aloud book that parents and their babies will enjoy experiencing together time and again. 

Simple shapes can be full of surprises! Peek-a-boo! What’s that I see? It’s a red circle and it’s smiling at me! What else can a circle be? Find out with Baby Sees Shapes Circles, where a new discovery is waiting on every page.

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baby sees shapes circles int 3.png
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