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Play Smart Wipe-Clean Workbook 2-4

$11.99 (CAN $15.99)


  • Spiral-bound, 80 pages

  • Full color

  • 8.4 in W | 11 in H

  • ISBN : 978-4056212327

  • Removal

  • Wipe-Clean

  • Basic lines, Letters, Number 1-10, Shapes



Play Smart Wipe-Clean Workbook contains 80 practice pages for children to learn to practice basic lines, letters, numbers, and shapes. Step-by-step practice from the basic lines does not make children feel stressed, and the colorful illustrations inspire the child to write more!

What is a Play Smart Wipe-Clean Workbook?

  • This book helps children learn how to write letters in the appropriate steps according to their growth and can be used for all developmental stages, from children who are just starting to practice holding a pencil to those who want to learn to write letters correctly.

  • Plenty of illustrations are included to assist the child in visualizing the connection between letters and words. The colorful design as well as the fun illustrations nurture a child's desire to write more letters.


  • This book does not come with a water-based pen. Please use commercially available water-based pens or crayons. After each activity, erase the ink using the eraser (or a paper towel or tissue).

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