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Now You See It!

$16.99 (CAN $19.99)


  • Paperback, 48 pages

  • Full color

  • 8.6 x 0.4 x 10.6 IN

  • ISBN : 978-4056210613


NOW YOU SEE IT! is a whimsical compilation of optical illusions and visual tricks—a carnival of colors and shapes and moving (or are they?) images that are sure to surprise and delight you as soon as you begin turning the pages. 

Whenever you look at something, you use both your eyes and your brain. When your eyes see something, your brain does incredible, high-speed calculations to decide on what you see. But, sometimes, your brain gets it wrong. Maybe your brain fills in the blanks incorrectly or it decides you are seeing something that isn't quite there. 

This charming, colorful book welcomes you into a world of trick art and optical illusions. . . and will make you think twice about how you see what you see. It's the perfect introduction to optical illusions for young readers. These little optical oopsies are tons of fun!

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