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Play Smart Big Workbook Preschool 2-4

$7.95 (CAN $10.95)


  • Paperback, 256 pages

  • Full color

  • 8.4in W | 11 in H

  • ISBN : 978-4056211139

  • 250+ Activities

  • Removal

  • Basic lines, Shapes, Colors, Letters, Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Dot to Dot, Mazes, Puzzles



Play Smart BIG Workbook Preschool helps your child learn how to write letters and numbers and draw shapes in an easy-to-follow, developmentally appropriate, step-by-step process.

Over 250 activities. All pages are perforated for easy removal.

This book consists of 9 sections that support the development of your child’s preschool readiness skills.

  1. Basic Lines

  2. Shapes

  3. Colors

  4. Letters

  5. Numbers

  6. Color & Shapes

  7. Dot to Dot

  8. Mazes

  9. Puzzles

  • Your child will first practice writing BASIC LINES (1) such as straight lines, curves, and zigzags. This is the basis for writing letters and numbers.

  • The SHAPES (2), LETTERS (4), and NUMBERS (5) activities prompt your child to use the handwriting skills learned in BASIC LINES (1). They will be able to practice basic lines again in the LETTERS (4) section.

  • In the NUMBERS (5) section, your child will practice writing numbers and matching numbers with the quantity of objects. Children will learn more about putting numbers in order in the DOT TO DOT (7) section.

  • The COLORS (3) and COLORS & SHAPES (6) sections include activities for color and shape recognition. Children will also develop basic skills and draw creatively.

  • MAZES (8) are an extension of basic line practice as children will draw long lines. Mazes also help develop problem-solving and forward thinking skills.

  • The PUZZLES (9) section encourages your child to solve problems, match items, and fill in empty spaces. This improves spatial cognitive skills.

  • Children can start with any page they like, depending on their developmental stage and interest.

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