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Wipe-Clean Pen Control.jpg

Play Smart Skill Builders 3+

$6.99 (CAN $8.99)


  • Paperback, 80 pages

  • Wipe-off

  • Full color

  • 8.5 in W | 11 in H

  • ISBN : 978-4056212426


This lively, illustrated wipe-clean workbook contains 80 practice pages for children to trace, learn, and practice writing straight lines, curves, zigzags, and other lines, as well as letters, numbers, and shapes.

For all developmental stages, from children who are just starting to practice holding a pencil to those who want to master pen control.

Children can learn pen control skills efficiently while having fun. Uses an easy-to-follow, developmentally appropriate, step-by-step process to help them learn to write. Lines become longer and more complex, and the guidelines gradually disappear as the activities progress.

Keeps children engaged through lively illustrations that feel more like play than work!

Note: This book does not come with a water-based pen. Please use any water-based marker or crayons. The coated paper is easy for children to write on and erase with minimal effort.

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