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$6.99 (CAN $8.99)


  • Paperback, 46 pages

  • 10 Puzzles

  • Full color

  • 9 in W | 9 in H

  • ISBN : 978-4056212457


Part adventure-story, part puzzle book, and plenty of fun, follow the time travel map and solve puzzles, choosing stickers to make art as you go!

Ben and Emma travel around various eras and countries in a time machine, including the Age of Dinosaurs, the Age of Discovery, the American Western Frontier, and the Ninja Period in Japan! Readers create beautiful sticker artwork which also completes the story, gathering mementos in each era.

But something bigger is going on as well!
The puzzles in this book create beautiful artwork, and they also nurture curiosity. As they work their way through the puzzles in this book, children begin to understand that various parts can be put together to form a whole. This concept promotes “system thinking” which is indispensable in fields such as artificial intelligence and programming. System thinking involves taking a step back, looking at things objectively, and creating solutions to various. In other words, by developing creativity and focus through sticker play in this book, children are also learning to choose the most appropriate means and methods to achieve their goals. This is a strong foundation for STEAM skills.

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