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Play Smart 500 Stickers
Busy Days

$9.99 (CAN $12.99)

500 Stickers Busy Days.jpg
Busy Days_2+_Cover_ページ_1.jpg


  • Paperback, 64 pages

  • Full color

  • 8 in W | 8 in H

  • ISBN : 978-4056212433

  • 500 Stickers

  • 48 Activities


More than 500 stickers and 48 activities provide hours of learning fun!

Children ages 2-4 will enjoy placing stickers in lively scenes to solve puzzles, mazes, matching games and more.

Children can build school-readiness through activities that illustrate what goes on at school—from making art, to lunch time to yard play. Colorful stickers featuring children’s favorite things—animals, toys, vehicles, food, and more will make for instant appeal. The puzzles and activities in this adventure-filled sticker book will thoroughly engage toddlers and preschoolers in developing important school skills including:

· Recognizing letters and numbers

· Identifying colors and shapes

· Sorting and classifying

· Discerning patterns

· Problem-solving

* Sharing, taking turns, and other social skills

Mazes, matching games, picture puzzles and a wide variety of other entertaining challenges will enhance children’s focus, creativity, and fine motor skills too. Carefully developed for this age group, the activities are thoughtfully illustrated so children can understand what to do without needing instructions. The puzzles are designed to get harder as you progress through the book, and built-in rewards build stamina and confidence as little ones learn through play.

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